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Balkissock Black Faced Sheep Hats

How would you like to knit one of these lovely hats for your friends or family?


I’ve been knitting some hats as gifts for family for Christmas and to also sell at the Christmas Fair. You could make either a hat with a turned over ribbed band or a beanie.

I guess it doesn’t really matter what colours you use but to get the Balkissock Black-Faced Sheep ‘look’ you’ll need to use a creamy white and a charcoal grey.


Yarn used: Drops Karisma (DK) 100% wool

Finished size: 50-58cm (20-23 inches) circumference. (Please note that the finished ‘stretched’ size will mostly be determined by how tightly you pull your trailing yarns behind the pattern which could restrict the expansion of the finished hat).

Needle size: 4mm circular needle (alternatively use 4 or 5 DPNs).

Weights required: approx. 100g (total, excluding pompom which will take about 15-25g depending upon how big you make it!).

So that you can decide whether you have sufficient yarn of each colour, the following quantities were used in making this version (approx weights): Blue (35g), Green (10g), Light Grey (30g), Dark Grey (5g) and Cream (15g).

 Free knitting pattern

Pattern: teenager/adult size

Cast on 120 stitches using your own preferred method.

Rib 26 rows (I do 2×2 rib but feel free to chose your own option) (rib 8-12 rows only for a beanie).

Next row: Begin following the gridded pattern that you will need to repeat once per row to give you 120 stitches:

You will end up with 12 stitches on the needles. Cut the wool leaving approx. 20cm tail. Thread onto a darning needle. Thread through the 12 stitches in a circle and pull gently until the hole closes up. Go through the stitches twice more and then fasten off.

Weave in all loose ends.

Make and attach pompo.

Pattern (Child 4-10 years) 

I’m busy writing a child’s version of the pattern and I’ll add it here in the next couple of weeks.

If you don’t have time to make one yourself, perhaps your resident yarn botherer will help you out!!


If you would like an Excel version of the pattern grid, please email me and I’ll send you a copy.

There are lots of patterns out there so it’s taken me a while to look through them to make sure that I haven’t accidentally copied someone else’s as they’re all quite similar but if you think that I may have, please do let me know so that I can rectify the situation. It’s quite difficult to actually design a small pattern that’s different to others! Any similarity is purely co-incidental and no copyright infringement is intended.


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