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I’m on the committee of the Ayrshire Bed and Breakfast Association and arranged for our members to meet at Glenapp Castle near Ballantrae for our meeting.

The staff were brilliant and the chef very kindly made us a variety of biscuits and the best lemon and poppyseed cake I’ve ever tasted.

The view from the dining room isn’t too shabby either!

The outdoor Victorian tea room was closed for the winter but we enjoyed our walk around the grounds.

We’ve had several guests staying with us this year who have been to Glenapp Castle for afternoon tea or evening meals and I’m happy to phone ahead and book you in if you would like me to.

Thank you Glenapp for hosting our meeting from us all…



Glenapp Castle is only a 10min drive from Balkissock

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I took the puppy to the beach this morning and came across this unusual sight. We get lots of seaweed wash up at Ballantrae but not this type. By the damage, it looks like it’s been torn off the sea bed in a storm.


Some of the pieces were as thick as my arm and about six feet in length.


Sometimes we get kelp … sometimes stones … sometimes sand … what will you see when you book?

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