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I thought that I’d share a photo of a wonderful sunset..the sunlit fields with a storm brewing just over the hill.

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge (c) 2017

All rights reserved

If you want to see more of the view, why not book yourself a short break?



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I’ve been on TV again!!!

Form an orderly queue for autographs please!!!

It was a lovely evening so my other half, Maisy and I went for a walk up the hill to watch the sun set and I posted the picture whilst sitting on the hill.

Why not come and take your own beautiful photos of the Ayrshire countryside?

Cordelia 2016 (c)

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Located nearby, the Varyag Monument was beautifully lit in between the rain showers this afternoon.

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge 2015 (c)

The Varyag Monument is about 15minutes away by car at Lendalfoot in South Ayrshire


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We had an absolutely amazing sunset across most of the country a few nights ago. Whilst I admired it, I sent hubby off with his camera to capture it…


I wonder if you can spot that it’s the same view that was captured on a snowy morning a couple of weeks ago!

The quality of the sunset cannot be guaranteed but when it’s good, it’s spectacular!

Cordelia (c) 2015

All rights reserved

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