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I just though that I’d share hubby’s photo of tonight’s supermoon. We are so lucky to be in an area with dark skies where it can be seen so clearly.


Edit …. really pleased to see that the photo received an Editor’s Pick and made it to the Gallery on the BBC Weatherwatchers website.




Do you want to see our fabulous dark skies for yourself?*

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*cloud-free skies can not be guaranteed!


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Stargazing, the ISS and Mooning…!

We are so lucky to live on the edge of the Galloway Dark Sky Park which means that we have fabulous dark skies for star gazing.  Howard is the photographer … I just take snapshots so these are his pictures.

The Earth’s satellite … the moon:

moon lunar photograph


The Northern Lights … Aurora Borealis:

aurora borealis northern lights ballantrae

Jupiter and its moons:

Jupiter and it's moons. stargazing live

The International Space Station arcing across the night sky:

ISS International Space Station

If you’re not sure at what you’re looking at we’ve a load of books for guests to use:



Can’t wait until it’s dark? Why not gaze (safely of course) at the brightest star in the sky!!


sun spots solar

If you’re lucky, let’s also hope that you get to see a great sunset over Knockdolian Hill whilst you’re waiting!!

Knockdolian Hill, Ballantrae

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Balkissock Lodge

Do you want to sample our dark skies? (cloud-free nights not guaranteed!!)

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Hubby has been out taking photos of the moon again … tonight’s view is beautiful:


(c) Cordelia 2015

Moonwatching and other nocturnal activities subject to weather conditions!

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