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A day in the life …

A day in the life ….

Ever wondered what it’s like to teach…?

06:20​ Alarm.

06:50​ Off to work after checking in on mum.

06:55 ​ Call in to son’s to feed cat as he’s away on business.

07:25 ​ Arrive to work.
​ Log on to computer in my office.
​Unpack marking that I did last night.
​ Print off work that I emailed from home.

07:35​ Go to staff room.
​ Photocopy work for L2 and for tomorrow.

07:40​ Go to R80 to log on to computer.
​ Set up, re-thread and fix sewing machines ready for L1.
​ Switch on white board and upload lesson info.

08:00​ Go to R90 to log on to computer.
​ Switch on white board and upload lesson info.
​ Check work and put out onto desks ready for L2.

08:10​ Sorting out work for my group that the cover teacher is taking whilst I’m taking an absent colleague’s exam group.

08:20​ Check email for important messages.
​ Print off two emails for pupils.

08:25​ Continue sorting out work for cover teacher.

08:35​ Go to R80 to teach L1 (Textiles, Y8).

09:35​ Dismiss Y8 and head off to R90 to teach L2 (Y11 GCSE group) – their teacher is on long-term absence.

10:35​ Dismiss Y11 and cut across corridor to take my Guidance group – today’s topic is “Mental Health” – pass on the two messages.

11:00​ Back to my office.
​ Print off photos taken during L2.


​ Put photos into pupils folders ready for their next lesson on Monday.
​Boil kettle to make first cuppa of the day then decide there’s no time.
Grab a bottle of water.

11:15 ​ Go to R80 again to teach L3 (Textiles, Y9).

12:15​ Dismiss Y9 pupils.
​ Open bottle of water!
​Need toilet.

12:20​ Go to office, check emails.
​ Got to another building to sort out issues with some pupils throwing pizza in a corridor.
​ Begin investigation by talking to several staff to find out what happened.

12:45​ Arrive back at office.
​ Make breakfast – Ready Break.

12:55​ Go through class lists to narrow down culprits – down to five possibles.

13:15​ Head over to Student Services to issue “call back” notices to five pupils.
​ Sorted out two other issues on the way.

13:45. Arrived back in office.
​ Checked list of jobs that I’d hoped to do today to see what could be done in 15 mins.


​ That’s only the lesson related jobs!
​Tidied away all the dry Y7 tie dyed fabrics.


13:55​ Head off to R80 for L5 (Textiles, Y8).

14:00​ Y8 arrive.

15:00​ Dismiss Y8.
​ Keep one boy back for misbehaving.
​ The five pizza boys fail to arrive for their “call back”
Still need to go to toilet.

15:05​ Telephone Student Services – they arrived there and are being directed to me.

15:15​ Boys still fail to arrive.
​ Telephone Student Services again to arrange detention for them for failing to attend.

15:20​ Arrived five mins late to meeting.
​Oooooo cake!
​Group discussion.
​Sitting next to cake.
​ Too distracting.
​ No one will ever know!
Brush crumbs off blouse

16:25​ Back to office to begin tasks.
​ Lesson planning for tomorrow first.
​ No … hold on … finally go to toilet!

16:35​ Difficult meeting with staff member that I line manage.

16:55​ Information to write up regarding another incident.

17:00​ Back to lesson planning.

17:15​ L1 complete – easy as mostly already done.

17:20​ Finished tidying drawer … procrastination at its worst!

17:25​ Begin planning L2-5.
​New textiles project for Y7 pupils.


​Before I forget, phone parents about Y10 boy whose failing to meet deadlines with coursework.
​ Get back to planning.

19:35​ Sister (just out of hospital) phones … mam’s got no electricity … will I go and see if I can do anything?

19:40​ Phones mam … she’s had no electricity since 08:30 this morning.
​ Log off.
​The rest of the work will have to wait.

19:50 ​Leave work.

20:20​ Arrive at son’s house (who’s now home) to fill up flask with boiling water.
​ Beds and baths offered … we’ll see how it goes.

20:40​ Arrive at local pizza shop.
​ Walk around to get some milk while pizza cooking.
​Collect pizza.

20:55 ​ Arrived back at mam’s.

21:00​ Pizza shared … first hot food she’s had all day.
​ Oh yes … first cuppa of the day!

21:30​ Second cuppa.
​ Flask emptying quickly.
​ Men outside digging up path!

22:25​ Woohoo electricity back on.

22:30​ Workman came to door to check on mam … somewhat handsome and here’s me in my PJs!

22: 45​ Phone hubby to wish him good night didn’t mention handsome workman did I say I was working away from home at the moment?

23:00​ BED!!!

I have to say that the saving grace of today was that it was Thursday …. if it had been Tuesday or Friday it would have also been duty day which means a long walk to the other side of the school site three times per day to stand in the cold and shepherd wayward souls.

So next time hubby says “What you been doing all day?” I think I’ll just pass on this URL.

The irony of it is … I’ve been so busy, this all happened last Thursday!!

Tired again, good night!

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Out of focus lonely earring

Today I’m sad ….

I was brushing my teeth last night when I glanced in the bathroom mirror and I noticed only one earring.

“How long have I been wearing one earring?” I enquired of my beloved.

“No idea, I hadn’t noticed” he replied.  Oh how the love fades 😉

How could you possibly be sad over an earring I hear you say.  You are thinking that, now be honest!

It’s not just any old earring … it’s one I’ve worn almost every day for the past 25 years … a pair of pretty Celtic knots that were bought in Stirling on a visit to an old school friend who went to University in that beautiful city.  I remember buying them like it were yesterday.  It’s been on holiday with me, on dates with me, on honeymoon with me, features in treasured photos of me with my wonderful children … and grandson … you get the picture!!

Me with my grandson aged 4 weeks

25 years? Yes, I hear you say [again? I must be cracking up!], it’s about time I bought a new pair.  I have more earrings; some beautiful ones costing 10 times the price that come out for special occasions … but you know … I feel naked without these ones.

I’ll have a good hunt around the house and scour the grounds at work and I just know that I’ll keep its forlorn partner pictured above for about another 6 years and eventually discard it precisely 3 days before it turns up in the sock drawer or an equally obscure place…!

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