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I arrived home from work surprised to see 63 emails in my inbox yesterday … I had no idea until then that I’d been “Freshly Pressed” … which is not as painful as it sounds!!  A hundred more have arrived today.  I’m completely astounded!!!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken time to look, like or comment and I shall reply to each and every one as soon as possible.  I’m new to WordPress and not yet learned to navigate my way around but hope to catch up on your own blogs and stories in due course.  Please don’t think me rude if it takes a day or two to get through the backlog.

A few of you have even subscribed to the blog [gosh…thank you so much!] and commented that you can’t wait for the next post …no pressure there then!! [oh, hold on … that’s this one!! *mops brow* Phew!!]

Thank you so much, Cordelia 🙂

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