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My gorgeous little girl is getting quite a following on her own pages on FB and Instagram. I think it’s the puppy dog eyes!

Here’s a selection of photos for those of you who haven’t yet giggled at her expressive ears!

The “I’m not really sorry I’ve dirtied the quilt because it looked soooo comfortable” look:

border collie
The “I love spaghetti night” look:

border collie
The “I love running around in the fields” look:

border collie
The “thank you, I really love yoghurt” look:

And last but not least, the classic “one up, one down” look:

border collie

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge (c) 2016

Come and get cuddles from Maisy and the kitties!!

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As January ends (how did that happen? It was Christmas Eve a few days ago!!) I thought that I’d post an update…Maisy wanted in on the picture too!

I’m just loving it and every day has its own story … just look at that orange!! 13C in January; who’d have thought it?!

Cordelia  @ Balkissock Lodge 2016 (c)

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My little girl is a year old now so I though that I’d share a few pics of her…



Maisy is available for cuddles by request!!

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge 2015 (c)

Maisy is available for free cuddles with every booking

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The garden is really looking colourful now …










… and Maisy has been taking time off from her role as “Head of the Welcome Committee” to come and ‘help’ with the weeding…!




Copyright © 2015 by Cordelia

All rights reserved

Balkissock Lodge

Guests are welcome to relax in the garden but be warned … Maisy enjoys inviting you to throw/kick her ball and the kitties are fond of cuddles too!

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I’m in love … (if that’s at all possible) … with a bundle of fluff!!

This is the newest member of the family who’s delighting us with her antics.  Meet Maisy the Border Collie:





Isn’t she adorable?

Maisy cuddles are free to guests

Cordelia © 2015

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