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For those of you who don’t know … I’m slightly addicted to crafting!

Silver Daisy at Ayrshire B&B

It started out harmless enough by making gifts for family and friends and then it began to expand into a whole range of gifts.

Silver Daisy at Ayrshire B&B

The full range is on the Silver Daisy page of this blog.

Silver Daisy Earrings

You’ll also find lots of images on Instagram.

2017 calendars Ayrshire B&B

I’ve arranged an ‘at home’ on Saturday 17th December 2016, 12-4pm for friends and locals to visit, have a browse and a cuppa and hopefully buy a few stocking fillers.

fabric hearts from Silver Daisy

I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop too although I really don’t know a lot about Etsy, Folksy, etc.

Green and Orange Fabric Tea Caddies

I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking!

knitted blue wool baby jumper


All rights reserved (c) 2016


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Temperature update

Just a quick update on the temperature afghan:

Temperature afghan

… too much yellow and green but I do love it:

Granny squares

I’m definitely going to do another one next year but I think that I’ll make the temperature bands a little smaller. I’m using 4 degree intervals at present but as can be seen the weather has hovered between 5C and 8C an awful lot!!

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge (c) 2016

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I don’t often go to Glasgow; I’m happiest in the countryside, but today, after serving breakfast, I headed to the craft and quilting exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow.

glasgow, secc
The sun was shining and I probably spent way too much on fabric and wool and card and beads…..!

I just couldn’t resist these wonderful designs…

sheep, fabric

Glasgow is about 1.5 to 2hrs away from Balkissock by car depending upon traffic and which area of the city you’re heading to.

secc, clydeport, glasgow
In addition to the SECC, Glasgow has many museums, galleries and iconic buildings to visit so why not try to add a day trip to Glasgow when you visit Balkissock?

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge (c) 2016

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As January ends (how did that happen? It was Christmas Eve a few days ago!!) I thought that I’d post an update…Maisy wanted in on the picture too!

I’m just loving it and every day has its own story … just look at that orange!! 13C in January; who’d have thought it?!

Cordelia  @ Balkissock Lodge 2016 (c)

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Happy New Year!

This year I have decided to crochet a Temperature Afghan using these gorgeous colours…


temperature afghan 2016 colours
Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then read on…

The first temperature afghans that I saw were knit or crocheted in stripes…


screenshot from Pinterest
[screenshot from Pinterest]
You select a range of colours of yarn and allocate a temperature (or range of temperatures) to each colour. Check the forecast (or your thermometer) each day to find out the maximum temperature and work one row in that colour. Unless you live somewhere exotic where the temperature is the same every day, at the end of the year you should have a beautiful multi-coloured blanket at the end of the year.


These are my colours:

White: background and below 0C

Blue: 1-4C

Green: 5-8C

Yellow: 9-12C

Orange: 13-16C

Raspberry: 17-20C

Purple: over 20C
Edit: I’ve ordered a pale blue to cover -5 to 0C and a pale yellow to cover over 25C (which will probably get used once!!).
I’m not really into stripes so I have decided to make coloured squares and to make it even more colourful, I’ve decided to record the nighttime low temperature (the colour in the centre) and the daytime high temperature (the flower itself).

Squares however have caused me a bit of an issue as 366 squares don’t sew together to make a square or a rectangle! To accommodate this I’m doing 14 all-white squares to put between the months (with an extra one between June/July) making a total of 380 squares (19 x 20 rows).

A disadvantage is that its difficult to buy sufficient yarn when you don’t know how much you’ll need so I’ve deliberately over-bought. I love the colours and I’ll make something nice in a year’s time with what’s left.

I’ll post pictures now and again of my progress.

Let me know if you’re also doing a Temperature Afghan 2016 as I’d love to see them.

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Balkissock Lodge

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The forecast was for a miserable day … they got that one wrong!

…. so I pulled my card making supplies out of the cupboard and set about making some greetings cards. Some are for family and others will be sold at the next local craft fair.

They’re all individual one-offs and they usually sell well at about £1.20 each.

I’ll have to remember to photograph them before putting them into poly bags though!

I made about 50 today.

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge 2015 (c)

Come and see the full range

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I’ve been making a few more little jumpers to send to South Africa.

I’m thinking of leaving some wool and needles in the guest lounge and inviting guest knitters to do a few rows whilst they’re here … what do you think?

Cordelia @ Balkissock Lodge (c) 2015

Bring your needles or I can supply some for you!

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